A Basic Amharic Lesson

We have such great teachers at EHE.  These women not only teach the children, but they love on them, too. Today we are sharing a video of one of our teachers, Etenesh, teaching a class about the number 5. Enjoy and perhaps learn some basic Amharic, too. We are grateful for the ways you have helped to preserve families, prevent orphans AND see the next generation educated.

Thoughts on Orphan Sunday

Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday.  It is great opportunity to pray for orphans and widows throughout their world and again highlight their plight and ask God what our responsibility is to them.  Even here in Addis Ababa we will be praying for them tomorrow.  We will pray for them and then within seconds be confronted by the reality of their situation as we exit our church compound. Orphan Sunday brings up a number… Read More

Announcing a New Season

Four years ago this month, when we finally said yes to God and started to proceed with moving to Ethiopia, we had no idea what God had in store.  Had He said, “You’re going to move in next door to the slum and open a day care that will grow to 110 kids in a year and a half”, well…I’m not totally sure we would have gotten on that plane.  When we… Read More