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Nov 06

A Basic Amharic Lesson

We have such great teachers at EHE.  These women not only teach the children, but they love on them, too. Today we are sharing a video of one of our teachers, Etenesh, teaching a class about the number 5. Enjoy and perhaps learn some basic Amharic, too. We are grateful for the ways you have …

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Nov 02

Thoughts on Orphan Sunday

Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday.  It is great opportunity to pray for orphans and widows throughout their world and again highlight their plight and ask God what our responsibility is to them.  Even here in Addis Ababa we will be praying for them tomorrow.  We will pray for them and then within seconds be confronted by …

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Mar 06

Announcing a New Season

Four years ago this month, when we finally said yes to God and started to proceed with moving to Ethiopia, we had no idea what God had in store.  Had He said, “You’re going to move in next door to the slum and open a day care that will grow to 110 kids in a …

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Nov 01

What a day!

New Moms & babies gathering at Baby Day Care for day #1!

Exciting!  Exhausting!  Thrilling.  Overwhelming.  Lots of details.  A few tears (most of them were by people littler than me…).  Lots of smiles.  And Day 1 at the New EHE Day Care came to a close! It was a big day at both centers.  The old center is now our Baby Day Care and houses 49 …

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Oct 26

Meet The Derloshons!

Derloshon family.

Meet The Derloshons! We have the pleasure of announcing that our team here in Ethiopia is expanding. Please welcome Adam, Christie, Maggie (8 years old), Hazel (5 years old), Zek (3 years old) and Emery (2 years old). They are starting the fund raising process and would love to be on the ground here in …

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Oct 20

Tour of our Newest Day Care!

Here is a very brief video snapshot of what will soon be Day Care #2.  We got the keys on Friday, so now we’ll start buying supplies and training staff.  We also already have 20+ new families registered and waiting, with more to come.  Within 2 weeks we hope to be open.  Thank you for …

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Aug 21

Please Pray for Ethiopia

Please pray for Ethiopia as the country mourns the death of our Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.  He had been the leader of Ethiopia for the past 21 years, so for many Ethiopians, he is the only leader they have ever known.  Please join us in praying for unity, peace and the way forward for this …

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Aug 07

Can you help us be Fully Funded by August 10th?

Selam - 3 Sponsorship slots remain

We are down to 8 7 6 5 sponsorship slots remaining for families in the project.  How amazing is that?   That’s a mere $272 per month for us to have the project fully funded! Can you help us wrap this up over the next 3 days to put it away? Below are updated photos of …

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May 09

Not So little Things


There are some days that just fly by and the activity of the day care goes by practically unnoticed by me as the staff care for the practical in the moment needs and I focus on other activities.  Every day there are many acts of caring lovingly provided for the children and moms – yet …

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Apr 24

A Glimpse of Heaven

Sunday was one of those times when I got a foretaste of the Kingdom that we look forward to enjoying eternally.  It was so beautiful. It was Pastor Gary’s last Sunday at International Evangelical Church before he moves back to North Carolina…so a special Sunday was planned.  A Koinonia Sunday – a time to celebrate …

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