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Mar 26

Announcing EHE Spiritual Ministries!

Ministrylicense - Mar 24, 2014, 1-26 PM

  Over the past 3  years of our work in Ethiopia, we have seen incredible transformation come to Moms and their children as families were preserved.   God has given us incredible opportunities to share His love in deed daily.  It has been beautiful to offer a holistic response. However, over that time one area …

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Mar 09

Love with abandon.

Almost every person who goes on a short term mission trip or travels for an adoption is deeply impacted during their time in-country.  They are confronted with the complexities of poverty as well as the  fact of their own poverty.  They leave after 10 days in a country not their own somewhat different and ready …

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Feb 04

God’s Chisel.

I just finished a book that blows the doors off and points with laser sharp focus to the only true source of hope. The book is “The Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler. It is worth a read in its entirety. For now, here is an excerpt to chew on. “Once we give into the idea …

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Jun 05

From one cranky, grumpy, restless, cynical, indecisive Jesus follower to another.

I can tell when I am getting tired.  An ache starts inside of me.  I used to be able to stay on top of it by getting away for spiritual retreats once every couple of months, but I know that I am overdue for a day or two in a place of solitude spending time …

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Apr 29

Forgetting and Remembering…A short reflection.

I am a forgetful person. One would think that I would not be.  After all I get to see God move in so many different ways on a daily basis.  Recently I have seen Him bring freedom to moms, give health to children, intervene in hopeless situations,  restore dignity, show His heart to the hurting, …

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Apr 06

A Reflection for Good Friday

While I wrote this reflection in the first person earlier in Lent, it seemed most appropriate to post on Good Friday. Am I looking to gain something or am I looking to die?  Am I looking for the security of this place I call my temporary home or am I living with a homesick sort …

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Mar 01

Those Who Go Before Us…

I am currently reading an amazing book by James Martin named “My Life with The Saints.”  He is a Jesuit priest who has a very interesting story as he shares about encountering the powerful lives of Jesus followers who had gone before. While I am not a Roman Catholic, I have found myself on a …

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Dec 27


This time of year always strikes me deeply.   Somehow the idea of paradox sits closer to the surface for me than at other times of year when I can stuff it down.  The Christmas story has it written all over it.  A Baby King.  A Suffering Messiah.  The King of the Jews with Gentiles in …

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Dec 12

So You Want to Move to Ethiopia?

It’s funny.  This post has been in the incubation stage for a while.   Recently, we were talking with some other folks who have lived here for 5 years.  We were laughing and commiserating about some of the frustrations of trying to do ministry here, and they said someone has just talked to them and said …

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Oct 31

God’s Economy in operation…

Over the past few weeks I have been blogging in a series contemplating a response for those who are followers of Jesus rather than simply following along with our political ideologies.  In so many ways Jesus calls us to view poverty in ways that sit outside of politics. And it is worth considering as today …

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