Oct 01

Orphan Sunday Resources

Orphan Sunday is right around the corner!  Would you consider highlighting Embracing Hope Ethiopia this Orphan Sunday, November 2nd?

We believe that there is a biblical mandate to care for the orphan and we love watching as people respond to that call through adoption and orphan care.  As adoptive parents of 3 children we firmly believe in answering the call to adopt orphans and providing families for those who have none.

Fiyerie and Frewoyni

Fiyerie and Frewoyni

At the same time right there in James 1:27 is a call to care for the orphan AND the widow.   “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”  We believe that while adoption provides one answer to the call put forward in James 1:27, there are many other different facets to it.  One response is what EHE does daily through our holistic family intervention project, where we keep families together.   

The children we serve would be orphaned if there was not someone to partner with their families.  The mothers we serve are widows in a sense that they have been widowed, divorced or abandoned with no one – no family, no child support and no community – to care for them.  Through partnership in family sponsorships, and the other ways our donors generously give, we are able to see their families preserved and orphans prevented.

This Orphan Sunday we have some very practical ways that your church or organization can get involved.  Actually we have 130 very practical ways.  We have 130 sponsorship slots still remaining for the 74 newest arrivals into our holistic family intervention.   Would your church consider getting involved?


We’d love to send you a bunch of these brochures to help your church get involved.

To make it possible, we have brochures about what we do, family sponsorship brochures and videos about how your church can make a difference in preventing orphans and preserving families.

Drop us an email at info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com and we would love to get as many materials into your hands as you can use in helping to spread the word and helping others to engage in James 1:27 ministry this Orphan Sunday!

Sep 30

Making a Healthy Difference

One of the ways that your sponsorship makes a huge difference in the lives of children are in their medical care and nutrition.   Over the years we have had so many scenes of children literally coming back from the edge of death and disability as a result of better nutrition and medical care.

One of the children who was severely malnourished that EHE staff continue to intensively work with to see her grow in health.

One of the children who was severely malnourished that EHE staff continue to intensively work with to see her grow in health.

Dehydration, Protein Deficiencies, Severe Malnutrition, Watery Diarrhea.  Problems that are not often heard of in the West, but that become life defining where we are working.  Add to that Tuberculosis, HIV as well as simple infections that increase the likelihood that a child is going to be orphaned.   Add to that two newborns that were added to the project whose moms died during childbirth.  Without simple infant formula, which their caregivers could not afford, they would have perished.  All of these needs can be addressed through simple interventions focused on bringing individual care.

This is where our staff come in.  They do an amazing job of nursing children to health.   One staff member who does this on a daily basis is our nurse, Sister Seble.  She is focused on seeing children made healthy again.  And every time we add new children to the day care we are faced with new health issues that she and the rest of our team must find ways to tackle.  Here is an excerpt from a recent email she sent to me (I edited it some for confidentiality reasons).

“we have almost 15 children who are under weight from the newly coming. Some of the the children are severely malnourished . Two weeks back  Alayu bought the plumpy nut & I was started to give it as a treatment for rehabilitation 2 times per day . The other report is we have two children HIV positive including their mother.  Both Children are under 1 year old.  They have follow up we will hope there result will become negative after 18 months.  Another child who is 1 1/2  has a history of congenital heart disease (CHD). She has started follow up. I took her for a  ECG.ECO & other lab investigation and the diagnosis is AST.  Currently she didnt need any medication but in the future she needs surgery but it  is not an emergency case.”

Here is where family sponsorship comes in.  Your sponsorship of a family provides us with the necessary funding to provide interventions for families such as these.  Without intervention, those who are severely malnourished would not make it.  Without intervention, those who are HIV+ moms would get sicker and sicker and one day orphan their children.  Without intervention, HIV+ children and those with diagnosis such as CHD would not get the medical attention they need.  Without intervention, children who face injury (such as one who recently fell into a cooking fire and was badly burned) would not receive the critical care they need.

But, its about more than funding.   We believe that family sponsors praying for the families they sponsor is a critical piece.  We know The Master Physician who can bring relief, comfort and healing. We know the One who can heal AST and who can make a positive HIV case suddenly negative.  We know The One who brings hope to those struggling with severe malnutrition and gives them the will to eat and to live.

Thank you for the ways you have chosen to sponsor – your sponsorship truly brings life saving and life changing results.  Please help us to keep spreading the word for the families who are not yet sponsored, so that we may be able to not only serve them, but also extend hope to the many who we have to turn away.

You can direct them to the families in need of sponsorship at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/


Sep 26

A Challenge to Day Cares and Preschools

As we have traveled in the US these past few months talking about Embracing Hope Ethiopia, I have been struck by how similar some of the issues that the Families we work with in Ethiopia are to issues that families in the West face.

One of those core issues is – Who is going to take care of my child so that I can go to work?   How will I be sure that my child is given a safe, clean place where they can grow socially and cognitively?   How will I be sure that my child is given a head start in education?   How will I be sure that my child is given opportunity to mature holistically?

While the Moms we work with may not be able to verbalize all of those concerns, they have them.  They face a challenge – if there is no one to take care of my child, then I cannot work and as a single Mom, there is no one else to help me.

Banchi and Ananiya

Banchi and Ananiya

In many ways, the story of Banchi pictured here, is not that much different than many other Moms stories.  She needs someone to care for her child so that she can go to work.

We now have 74 new Moms and their children whom we get the privilege of being that one that helps.  We get to care for the child so that Mom can go to work.  We get the privilege of setting Mom at ease that her child is going to grow holistically while she can get the employment and education to provide for her child.

However, we need your help.   We are putting out a challenge to Day Care Centers and Preschools to consider pulling together to partner with these families through family sponsorships.  You understand their challenges.  You understand how to pray for these Moms and kids.  You have children who are common ages and you have dreams for them very similar to what these Moms have.

As a Mom or Dad of a Preschooler, please put a challenge out to others in your Day Care or Preschool or MOPS group to consider pulling together to sponsor a family.  Sponsorships start at just $34 per month.   You can view the profiles of those families needing sponsored at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/  .  Take a look and invite others to join in.  With just over 140 family sponsorship slots remaining, we need your partnership.

Thank you for partnering with Moms and Children.  Partnering with them through sponsorship changes lives.


Sep 23

Reflections on 9,338 miles driven!

After having driven over 9,338 miles in 2 months time and spoken to over 54 different groups of people, our time on the road is coming to a close. It has been a great home assignment and our family has met so many amazing people along the way. These people have been so receptive to the work that EHE gets the privilege of doing alongside the poorest of the poor moms day after day.   These folks also warmly received our family time after time.

9338 miles driven

As I reflect on the people we have shared EHE with, there are 5 things that stand out to me about the people we have shared meals, living rooms and auditoriums with.

1. Jesus people love to give sacrificially.

It was a wonderful sight at the Sponsorship Table day after day as folks began to process how they might be able to make their finances stretch in order to partner with vulnerable families through family sponsorship.   We overheard children say to their parents, “Mom and Dad. We spend way over $34 to take our family out to eat. How could we not give as a family to sponsor a family.” We saw kids make donations of change that was a tithe on their piggy banks. We engaged families who committed to prayerfully consider what they might do as they discussed with their spouse about giving. One complete stranger even gave me $20 in the Walmart parking lot for gas when he saw our window stickers about Embracing Hope. People love to give. They know the joy of giving to the poor and they love participating with God and reflecting His character through giving.

2. God has put Orphans and Widows on people’s hearts.

Everywhere we met, there were people to whom God was already speaking about the need to care for widows and orphans. God has been preparing an army of people who are able to see the invisible, the nameless, the faceless. God has brought to mind the poorest of the poor who are at the end of the line. People are praying and looking for ways to get involved. Others were allowing the issue to go deeper into their hearts as they met us in the lobbies in tears – deeply touched about the stories of perseverance and persistence and God’s rescue. We met women who are sewing outfits and blankets for orphans. We met groups who had adopted and now are looking for how to now prevent other orphans. We talked with people who are praying and considering about how God might use them to care for the most vulnerable. It is so wonderful to see God’s heart actively beating among His people to see the poor reached through the Good News of Jesus in word and deed.

3. Churches are wrestling with how to most effectively “Do” Missions.

It was so great to see how churches are getting involved in missions. Churches no longer feel comfortable in being disengaged and just sending money. At the same time, churches are wrestling with the desire to see indigenous, local, grassroots missions. Churches are refusing to be impressed by “numbers” and instead are wiling to see people transformed from the inside out over the long term. Churches are refusing to just get on board with “sexy” Missions that look good and give a feel good result to the participants. Churches are wrestling with the harm that is done at times through teams that are sent. Churches are wrestling with how to trust those who do missions on the ground   Some have been burnt in the past, but courageously being led by the Holy Spirit are asking how they might trust again.   It is beautiful to see this wrestling and refusing to come to quick and easy answers. They are engaging in the messiness of missions – I love it. I believe this process of discernment to be so healthy as disciples are made here in the West through this process, too.

4. The Gift of Hospitality is still very much in action.

I cannot express how grateful we are to the dozens of people and churches who opened their homes to us. People gave of their time, their energy, their money and their comforts in order to make sure we were fed things we enjoyed, that we had as much space as we needed and that we were loved on and cared for. It was absolutely humbling. In location after location we had families give up their beds so we had a place to sleep. People went out of their way to give us a place of refuge. Others put us in hotels so that we could feel we had privacy as a family. Others put money in our hands on the way out the door with a command – “This is for your family – this is not for the organization. Have some fun along the way.”   Some of these folks are old friends of ours. Others are newfound friends. All along the way, they shared the love of Jesus and the Gift of Hospitality. Thank you!

5. We were again reminded of all that God has done and continues to do.

Time after time when we shared the stories of Moms and Children or the growth that EHE has seen, people would remind us of all that God has done in such a short time.   When we are in the trenches we don’t see it. However, people on the road helped us to see once again how only God could do a work like this. The favor we have had. The provision we have seen.   The transformations that have occurred. It could only be a God thing.   That was a great reminder to us of how blessed we are and what a privilege it is to serve in Addis Ababa with an incredible God given staff and in partnership with The Incredible God.

 Thank you to the many of you who shared your lives with us on this road trip. We are blessed to have gotten to spend time with you.  Thank you for believing in the work that God is doing among vulnerable Moms and their Children.

Soon I’ll post about how stinking awesome my family has been in making this adventure one that we’ll always remember…

Want to know why we spent 2 months in a van and drove over 9338 miles?   Check out www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/ where you will find a number of families in need of sponsorship.  They are why we do what we do.


Aug 21

Upcoming EHE Events

We’ve been on the road for about 6 weeks now and meeting so many amazing folks who are finding out about EHE and getting involved.   We are now heading into North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania,  We’d love to see you at one of these upcoming events.  Come learn more about orphan prevention and family preservation.



1758 Brittany Ridge Drive, Kernersville

Benefit Dinner


9:45 am – Sunday School Class
1130 North Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284


August 24 – GREENVILLE, NC
6 PM
4000 Corey Rd, Winterville, NC 28590


August 25 – NEW BERN, NC
6 PM
303 Belle Oaks Drive, New Bern, NC


August 27 – ASHBURN, VA
21800 Iannis Spring, Ashburn, Va


7:30 pm
123 S. 51st street, Philadelphia


August 30 – MEDIA, PA
5 pm
425 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063


10 AM
614 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs, pA 19425


August 31 – POTTSTOWN, PA
5 PM
946 Keen Road, Pottstown, PA 19465


7 PM
6279 Main Street, East Petersburg, PA 17520


September 6 – MILLERSVILLE, PA
317 N. George Street , Millersville, PA 17551


September 7 – MILLERSVILLE, PA
9am Sunday School; 10:15 Worship Service
317 N. George street , Millersville, PA 17551


September 7 – LANCASTER, PA
Cookout held at 179 Donerville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603
6 pm


September 21 – WELLSBORO, PA
held at First Presbyterian Church
130 Main Street Wellsboro, PA 16901

Aug 06

Another 74 Families Added! Why growth is so good!

Our family sponsorships are growing!
While we are here in the US touring around and sharing about the work that Embracing Hope Ethiopia is doing, the hard work of screening new families was being done on the ground in Ethiopia.  Alayu and Binyam have been working tirelessly to get our final approvals for expansion as well as the screening work of potential families for the project.
In the end they interviewed over 200 Moms and out of them they selected 74 whom we get the privilege of partnering with.  These Moms and their children are characterized as being the poorest of the poor  – the Moms and Children that we feel mandated to serve.   Now, its not that the other Moms and children were not poor.  Rather our mandate is, and will continue to be, those who are on the edge and who could not make it without intervention and partnership.
You may have heard me say in the past that we have to turn away over 1,300 Moms per year.   It is heartbreaking to see so many that we are not able to help because of funding and capacity limitations.   However, today we are celebrating because there are 74 others that we do get to help.
While these Moms and their childrens’ stories range in the complexities surrounding them, let me share with you three of their stories.
1.  Emawayesh and Kidist.  Emawayesh is 20 years old and never attended a day of school, leaving her illiterate and without
Kidist and Emawayehs
Kidist and Emawayesh
marketable skills.   Her daughter Kidist is 2 years old.  Emawayesh  was married, but after Kidist came into the picture, her husband abandoned the family to care for themselves.  Now, they live in the slum and Emawayesh earns $10 per month selling items by the roadside.  Her rent is $18 per month. They are not making it.
2.  Bizuyel, 2 year old Genet and 1 year old Tigist.  Bizuyel is 22 years old and has never had a formal education.  After her two daughters came along, her husband abandoned the family, leaving Bizuyel to somehow try to care for a 2 year old and a 1 year old with no skills, no job and no family.  Courageously, Bizuyel has tried to make it work.  Upon entering the project, she was
Fiyerie and Frewoyni
Fiyerie and Frewoyni
begging along the roadside with her 2 children.   Day after day, dignity was being robbed from her as she made $10 per month from begging.  At the same time she was trying to pay $8 per month in rent.   They deserve to know that they are made in God’s image.  We long to see Jesus make everything new for them.
3.  Frewoyni and Fiyerie.   Frewoyni has 3 children total, the youngest of them being 8 month old Fiyerie.   Fiyerie’s dad recently divorced Frewoyni, leaving her to provide for the 3 children by herself, with no one else around.  Originally from Eritrea, she has no one available to her to help.  She cannot work because there is no one to care for the baby.   Upon coming into the project, Frewoyni and her 3 children were sleeping under an awning in the slum to try to keep out of the cold and rain that the rainy season brings.  We want to see the restoration that only Jesus can bring, brought to Frewoyni and her children, especially 8 month old Fiyerie.
All of these new Moms and their childrens’ stories (as well as 39 others) can be found at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships  
Bizuyel,  Genet and  Tigist
Bizuyel, Genet and Tigist
However, please do not read their stories and simply feel pity for them.  Life is incredibly difficult for them, but there is a new season ahead.  Now, there is food and education and interventions that can help empower them to break out of poverty.  Rather than pitying them, please pray for them.  And as you pray, please also ask God if He might have you engage in sponsoring and/or advocating for them.
As a ministry, we first welcome families into the project and then we start looking for family sponsors after the fact.   We ask that you might become one of those family sponsors for these families.  And, while you are at it, please spread the word.  Acts of family preservation and orphan prevention are powerful!
Help us to partner with these Moms and their children that they might embrace hope in all of life…and that they might know Jesus’ restoration and redemption personally.
Thank you for your partnership!

Jul 30

An Updated Itinerary – Come hear about EHE in person.

Here is our updated itinerary!  We would love to see you in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, North Carolina,  Virginia or New York over the next few months!


7 pm
405 Fowler Ave. Clarksburg, WV 26301


9 AM , 11 AM
455 N Gerald Lett Ave, Angola IN 46703


514 S. Pierce Ave Wheaton, IL


August 7 – CHICAGO, IL
4 pm
1730 W. Greenleaf Ave, Chicago, IL 60626


August 10 – MANITOWOC, WI
8am,  9:30 am AND  11 am
2201 S 42nd Street Manitowoc, wi 54220


August 11 – OSHKOSH, WI
River Valley Church 1331 High Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Contact us concerning reservations and cost for an Ethiopian Dinner.


August 12 – ALEXANDRIA, MN
490 Voyager Drive Alexandria, MN


August 14 – LIBERTY, MO
940 S. Kent Street, Liberty, MO 64068


August 15 – LEBANON, MO
6 pm
200 W Commercial Drive, Lebanon, MO 65536


August 16 – NASHVILLE, TN
6 PM
5006 Perth Court, Spring Hill, TN 37174


August 17 – NASHVILLE, TN


2604 Thompson Station Road ,Thompson Station, TN 37179


6 pm
1919 Tinytown Road, suite 500, Clarksville TN 37042


August 19 – NASHVILLE, TN 
LIPSCOMB UNIVERSITY – Missions Room – Ezell Center
One University Park drive, Nashville, TN 37204. Accessible from southern Belmont ave


August 20 – LEXINGTON, KY
2800 Tate’s Creek Road, Lexington, KY 40502


August 21 – 22  – BLACKSBURG, VA  – Event Details To Be Determined.


10 am
1130 North Main Street Kernersville, NC 27284


August 24 – GREENVILLE, NC
4 PM
4000 Corey Rd, Winterville, NC 28590


August 25 – NEW BERN, NC

6 PM

303 Belle Oaks Drive, New Bern, NC


August 27 – ASHBURN, VA


43173 Glenelder Terrace, Ashburn, VA 20147


Time to be posted soon
123 S. 51st street, Philadelphia


August 30 –  MEDIA, PA
5 pm
425 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063


10 AM
614 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs, pA 19425


August 31 – POTTSTOWN, PA
5 PM
946 Keen Road, Pottstown, PA 19465


September 2 OR 3 – BROOKLYN, NY


7 PM
6279 Main Street, East Petersburg, PA 17520


September 6 – MILLERSVILLE, PA
317 N. George Street , Millersville, PA 17551


September 7 – MILLERSVILLE, PA
9am Sunday School; 10:15 Worship Service
317 N. George street , Millersville, PA 17551


September 7 – LANCASTER, PA
Cookout held at 179 Donerville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603
6 pm


September 21 – WELLSBORO, PA
held at First Presbyterian Church
130 Main Street Wellsboro, PA 16901



September 23 – HOLLIDAYSBURG, PA



September 25 – BELLEFONTE, PA
Details coming soon.

More Events to be posted soon.

Jul 08

Updated Tour Itinerary

We’re setting out in 4 days to spend 2 months on the road.  Here is updated information on where we will be: EHE TOUR POSTER 2014 small

- If a date says OPEN, it means we are still looking for opportunities in the area, please let us know if you have any opportunities.

- If a date says Pending, it means that we’re still working out the details, but it looks like we’ll be in the area.  Stay tuned.

- If a date says, Location to be Determined, we’ve settled on a date, but working out the details of venue.

Here’s the itinerary as it looks now…Come out and see us if we end up near you!


12 – Doylestown, PA – Warwick Community Park. 6 pm. 2045 Guinea Ln
Jamison, Pennsylvania 18929

14 – Kingston, NY – Home Group Presentation (Email info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com for details)

15 – 17 – Lewiston, ME – attending Vineyard East Region Conference

18 – Cambridge, MA – Home Group Presentation (Email info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com for details)

20 – Rochester, NY – Irondequoit Vineyard Christian Fellowship. 10 am;  2150 Portland Avenue, Rochester, New York 14617

20 – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – 6 pm; Home Group Presentation (Email info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com for details.

21 – 22 – Cambridge and Brantford Ontario Area.

23 – 26 – Greenville, PA Area

27 – Atlantic, PA – Fallowfield United Methodist Church, 9 am, Leech Road, Atlantic, PA

27 – Greenville, PA – Kennard United Methodist Church, 10:15am, Kennard Road, Greenville, PA 16125

29 – Washington, PA - First Lutheran Church, 4 pm and 7 pm, 92 West Walnut Street, Washington, PA 15301

30 – Clarksburg, WV - Connecting Point Church, 6pm, 405 Fowler Avenue, Clarksburg, WV 26301

31 – Columbus, OH – OPEN DATE


1 – Indianapolis Area – Pending

2 – Indianapolis Area -Pending

3 – Angola, IN – Sonlight Community Church, 9am and 11 am; 455 N Gerald Lett Ave, Angola, IN 46703

4 – Chicago Area – OPEN DATE

5 or 6 – Wheaton, IL – Home Group Presentation.

7 – Chicago Area – OPEN DATE

10 – Manitowoc, WI – Faith Church – 8am, 9:30am and 11am: 2201 S 42nd St, Manitowoc, WI 54220

11 – Oshkosh, WI – Home Group Presentation

12 – Farwell, MN – Lake Community Church (Grace Cafe) – 7 pm,

14 – Liberty, MO – Pending

15 – Lebanon, MO – Exact Location to be determined.

16 – Nashville, TN – Home Group Presentation.

17 – Nashville, TN – Thompson Station Church

18 – Clarksville, TN – Exact Location to be determined.

19 – Nashville, TN – Pending.

20 – Lexington, KY – Centenary United Methodist Church, 5:30 pm,; 2800 Tates Creek Rd, Lexington, KY 40502

21 or 22 – Blacksburg, VA – Exact Location to be determined.

24 – Kernersville, NC – First Christian Church in Kernersville,

24 – Greenville, NC – Covenant Church, 4pm

25 – New Bern, NC – Exact Location to be determined


27 – Ashburn, VA – Exact Location to be determined

28 – 30 – Philadelphia, PA Events – Exact Locations to be determined

31 – Chester Springs, PA – Vineyard Community Church, 10 am, 614 Fellowship Rd, Chester Springs, PA 19425

31 – Pottstown, PA – Coventry Church of the Brethren, Evening,

1 – 3 – New York, NY – Pending

4 – Lancaster, PA, Event – Location to be Determined

5 – East Petersburg, PA – East Petersburg Mennonite Church, 7pm; 6279 Main St, East Petersburg, PA 17520

6 – Millersville, PA – Open House, 6pm , Zion Church of Millersville, 317 N George St, Millersville, PA 17551

7 – Millersville, PA – Zion Church of Millersville, 9 am Sunday School & 10 am Worship; 317 N George St, Millersville, PA 17551

20 – Poconos, PA – Pending

21 – Wellsboro, PA – Wellsboro Vineyard Church, 6 pm, Meeting at First Presbyterian Church, 130 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901

25 – Bellefonte, PA – Home Group Presentation

28 – Koontz, PA – Pending

Jul 07

Literacy Update

We believe that literacy learning is vital for the moms who are part of the project.  This past year we had 52 Moms who were involved in the literacy program and recently we were able to graduate 17 of them!  It was a great honor as the local government also got involved in providing a literacy certificate for each Mom!

Moms Literacy

 For over half of the Moms entering the project, they are functionally illiterate.  Many of them cannot write their names.  Most of them have only made it through fourth grade.

Literacy Education provides these Moms with new opportunities.  Now they are able to continue in their education.  Now, they are able to grow towards new job options.  Now they have a restored sense of dignity and confidence as they no longer have to sign their name as an X or with a fingerprint.  They have an identity!

 Thank you for believing in the Moms of EHE and partnering with us so that they might grow in literacy.  It is making a difference – one Mom at a time.

Jun 25

Our Proposed Itinerary

One week from now we will be sitting in the Bole Airport in Addis Ababa waiting to travel with all 8 of us back to the US for a 3 month home assignment.   We are getting excited.   We are especially excited to be able to talk with so many great folks about all that God continues to do through Embracing Hope Ethiopia.

After leaving Addis we’ll have a very short layover in Doha, Qatar and then onward to Washington DC.  We’ll then get to spend the July 4th holiday with family and have a few days to take care of important details like renewing our expired drivers licenses, overcoming a bit of jet lag and adjusting a bit to culture shock.

Then on July 12th we head out on the road for a 6,000 mile journey.  I’m sure we’ll have some stories to tell along the way.

While we are still putting the final touches on our Itinerary, here is where to find us while we are speaking about EHE.  In many cases, we are still working out the details of where we’ll be, but at least the general areas are listed below.  Please subscribe to our Facebook page to stay in the loop of where we will be next…as well check back here.

12 -13 – Doylestown, PA
14 – Kingston, NY (Home Meeting)
15 – 17 – Attending the Vineyard East Regional Conference in Lewiston, ME
18 – Cambridge, MA (Home Meeting)
20 – Irondequoit Vineyard Church, Rochester, NY (Sunday worship)
21 – Cambridge Ontario (Home Meeting – evening)
22 – 23 – Cambridge Ontario Area
23 – 27 – Greenville, PA Area. Multiple Events. Locations TBD.
29 – First Lutheran Church, Washington, PA (Afternoon and Evening)
30 – Clarksburg, WV (Pending)
31- Columbus, OH Area (TBD) (If you are interested in hosting an event in the Columbus area, please let us know)

1 – Columbus, OH Area (TBD)
2 – 3 – Indianapolis IN Area (TBD) (If you are interested in hosting an event in the Indy Area, please let us know)
4 – 7 – Chicago/Wheaton, IL (Multiple Events TBD) (If you are interested in hosting an event in the Chicago Area, please let us know)
8 – 10 Faith Church, Manitowoc, WI
11 – Oshkosh, WI (Home Meeting)
12 – Farwell, MN (Home Meeting)
13 – 14 – Travel Days
15 – Lebanon, MO
17 – Nashville, TN (TBD)
18 – Clarksville, TN
19 – Nashville, TN (TBD)
20 – Lexington, KY
21 – 22 – Blacksburg, VA (TBD)
23 – 24 – Kernersville, NC
24 – Greenville, NC (afternoon/evening)
25 – 26 – Alexandria, VA
27 – Ashburn, VA
28 – 30 – Philadelphia, PA Area
31 – Chester Springs Vineyard Church, Chester Springs
31 – Coventry Church of the Brethren, Pottstown, PA (Evening)

2 – 3 Brooklyn, NY
4 – Lancaster, PA
5 – East Petersburg Mennonite Church, East Petersburg, PA (evening)
6 – Open House – Zion Church, Millersville, PA (evening)
7 – Zion Church, Millersville, PA (Sunday School & Morning worship)
8 – Lancaster, PA Area
9 -12 – Altoona, PA Area
13 – 20 – Vacation
20 – 21 – Poconos (TBD)
21 – Wellsboro Vineyard Church, Wellsboro, PA (evening worship)


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